Rotem is located in a beautiful northern section of the Jordan valley. Over 20 young families created this idyllic community where the religious and secular live in harmony with nature and a message of ecological awareness. Our community is being built with concern for pollution' recycling and a great respect for the environment.
This is combined with a desire to express individual creativity and the people who live in Rotem established new businesses. An organic olive grove, natural cosmetics company, holistic treatments and homemade bakery are just a few of the local enterprises established by the members of our community/

The vision
The establishment of a wide structure which will include the following functions:
1. Private treatment rooms (naturopathy, Chinese medicine, massages, reflexology and more)
2.a lecture hall
3  a cafe / restaurant (organic food)
4.  room for workshops – weaving baskets , healthy cooking, tai chi , Indian medicine and more
5.a Music Room
6. Shops for the sale of local products manufacturing (pharmaceuticals, natural herbal cosmatics, olive oil, objects of art, etc.)
7.  Hydrotherapy pool
8. sukkah for visitors
9. Mediterranean tent for groups

Near the building :
Vegetable garden, greenhouse – organic
work space -  workshops for green building techniques
Parking lot

Character of structure:
Natural building
Solar energy
Recycled water

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  1. מאת C. Whitman‏:

    Hi, I am an American studying at Hebrew University and am writing a paper about moshavim and kibbutzim in the Jordan Valley. I was hoping to come to a lot of them, including Rotem to interview residents about life in moshavim and kibbutzim in the Jordan Valley. Is this possible
    My email is

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